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You are brave warrior Armorik, seeking to immortalize your name in the book of Viking legends. Luckily for you, the great god Thor has reviewed your application and mulled over your case. Thor agrees to reward you with eternal fame... provided that you single-handedly conquer the eight territories of the North. Your conquests can be tackled in any order. Each location is composed of multiple interlinked screens, and is named for its prevailing environment: Cemetery, Fire, Mountain, Cave, Manor House, Ice, Forest, and Castle. Armed only with throwing knives, Armorik must explore each region thoroughly, collect treasure guarded by fiends and natural hazards, find the hidden key, and reach the exit unharmed - all in less than two and a half minutes. This strict time limit, along with quick enemies that respawn every few seconds, multiple monsters and turrets that aim at you from different angles, and every hit being instantly lethal (requiring you to restart the chosen level) - all combine to create an arcade-style platform game where survival requires memorization, quick wits, agility and patience.

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