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Pearl Harbour takes you back to December 7th, 1942 (curiously, that's exactly one year after the historical battle -- then again, hardly the worst case of revisionism in gaming). You're put in charge of an anti-aircraft gun overlooking the waters, just as the first Japanese planes are sighted over the horizon. Your objective: shoot them down before they sink the whole fleet - or take you out. The game presents the action from a first-person view, and boasts some realistic simulation aspects: the speeds of enemy aircraft, falling bombs and fired shells are true to life (relative to each other); ballistic trajectory must be taken into account when targeting. The Japanese bombers go for the standing ships first - the more they manage to sink, the higher the probability that they'll target your position instead (this is displayed as a number, next to your kill count). When the fleet or your gun are destroyed, the game is over. The shareware version limits you to 200 rounds of ammo; the registered version removes this limit, keeps track of high scores, and includes the game's source code.

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