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Pitman shares its general idea with an identically-named Game Boy title, although it isn't directly based on the latter. This puzzle platformer puts you in the shoes of a jovial stick figure prospecting for diamonds; your greedy little quest takes you through 22 different ANSI-styled levels. Each one is a puzzle unto itself, and your goal is to collect all the yellow diamonds by manipulating the environment to allow access - without getting trapped. Brown walls can be pushed and stacked on top of each other, blue walls disappear on touch, and diamonds are picked up by simply walking into them. However, such interaction is only possible when walking left or right: for instance, you cannot pick up a diamond (or dig through a blue wall) by landing on top of it, or by climbing up a ladder from below. You start with five lives, and lose one if you restart the current level, or skip to the next one; on the other hand, a new game can be started from any level.

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