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Tommy's Seawolf is a shareware, single player, submarine strategy game that uses character based graphics. The player's submarine is in the centre of a grid based map. A convoy travels left to right through the area that the player patrols and it's a big one consisting of ships, submarines, and anti submarine helicopters. The ships have guns and can lay depth charges, the helicopters can fire rockets and drop depth charges, and while the enemy subs are slower they have torpedoes that are a match for those carried by the Seawolf. The Seawolf can carry limited torpedoes, missiles and shells but more importantly it has a limited supply of fuel and can only stay submerged for two hours, luckily there is a secret base where it can go to resupply. The game is entirely keyboard controlled. It has basic sound effects and command line switches to start the game with sound turned off and to force either a colour or monochrome display

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