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This edutainment title takes on the familiar interactive fiction/adventure format, with a text parser-driven interface similar to other Topologika releases, and adds a twist in the form of mathematical/logic puzzles used to drive the story. Aimed at the ages of 10 and above, the game takes its basic plot from the folk tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. You take on the role of Jack (if a boy) or Jackie (if a girl), sent to the market with explicit orders from Mum to buy a pig. If you play your cards right, you can obtain a magic bean, plant it, and ascend the resulting beanstalk for yet more adventures and conundrums. The numerous brain-teasers include numerical puzzles, exercises in spatial orientation, geometric pattern recognition and map navigation; several are randomized and require a fresh solution each time you play. There are points to be earned and treasures to find - hopefully worth somewhat more than the porker you were sent out to get.

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