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In A-MIS Adventure, the player takes control over Norm, the programmer. Norm made a little change in one of his programs, but it caused serious trouble and now he has to show up on Saturday to fix it. The whole game revolves around this task and takes place in the office. There are some puzzles to solve which mostly involve collecting and using items. During this Saturday, Norm also needs to find an access code and work out how he can eliminate the bug without causing even more trouble. The descriptive part of this interactive fiction game is always segmented into four paragraphs: a (usually rather short) description of the scene, a list of usable items, a list of inventory items and the directions Norm can leave. Actions are performed by typing verb-noun combinations into the parser, e.g. "get newspaper". Well, actually "get new" would suffice because items are only referenced with their first three letters. Besides the game, the author also provides a second program which provides with hints. The player can choose between three stages of hint quality (between a nudge in the right direction and the whole solution), selects the problem and then receives a text message with the hint.

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