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Contract Bridge is a single player, shareware, implementation of the card game of the same name. The player always plays as the South hand. The game, which uses US style practices uses the Goren Point-Count method for hand evaluation and recognises these conventions; Short Club Openers, No Trump Weak Signal Bids, Preemptive Opening bids, Stayman, Take-Out Doubles, and Blackwood though any or all of these conventions can be turned off. The game opens with a suit bid on hands that have thirteen or fourteen points and a four card suit, or sixteen to eighteen points for a one no trump bid. After each hand the player can replay it, review it, or rotate the hands and replay it. The game is mouse or keyboard controlled. The registered version has a save/load feature, a reporting feature allowing hands to be compared, and a function that allows players to construct hands and then play them.

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