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3D Xmas Adventure: Santa's Rescue is a Christmas-themed game which was released by Pie in the Sky Software to promote their 3D Game Creation System. Santa's Rescue is a non-violent first-person game in which the player takes the role of a snowman who must rescue Santa from an Ice Wizard. The snowman uses a magic candy cane to defeat the Wizard and his minions, and remove spells from the friendly forest creatures who have been transformed into monsters by the wizard's magic. The core game mechanics in Santa's Rescue are the same as in other 2.5D FPS games running on the Pie in the Sky game engine. The candy cane is the player's only weapon, and it uses magic power which can be replenished by picking Christmas stockings. As in other Pie in the Sky games, the player has a limited number of inventory slots to carry items around. Some items can be used without the need to place them into the inventory first, like reloading the magic candy cane ammo. The objective of the game is to find the cane, locate the Ice Wizard's hideout, rescue Santa and bring him back to his castle. The game is split into several levels, both outdoor and indoor, with the possibility of going back to previously completed levels at will. Santa's Rescue comes with a slide show advertising the 3D Game Creation System. Winning the game gives a special secret code which could be used to get a discount on the 3D Game Creation System from Pie in the Sky.

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