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To humans of the far future, the forgotten planet Earth is nothing but an old tale. That is, until a lucky explorer stumbles into the lost blue sphere... but will signs of ancient habitation be found? It's time to break out your three trusty Archeodroids - excavation robots programmed to retrieve archeological evidence. Their job? - to poke around in Earth's garbage, and retrieve the debris that holds the key to mankind's past: human skeletons, car debris and piles o' junk. Points are earned by bringing dug-up artifacts to the ship; each droid is equipped with ten power charges, allowing it to move and blast through the dirt. Trouble is, a chargeless droid will quickly self-destruct unless it recharges back at the ship - plus, cave-ins may block up the tunnels and even destroy the poor droid. A deceased droid's remains (and its collected artifacts) can be picked up by its successor. Your objective is to plan your excavations carefully, avoid getting trapped, and receive the maximum score for your findings.

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