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P.E.G.S. (Practically Everything Goes Somewhere) is a series of puzzles where you have to 'put the round PEG into the round hole'. Of course, there's a little twist. When you put some PEGS in their proper holes, unsuspected things happen. The SQUARE PEGS and the ROUND PEGS are pretty normal. Put two TRIANGULAR PEGS together, however, and they combine to form a BLOCK. If you are lucky enough to put two of the PLUS PEGS together, they form a new, different PEG. Your computer will let you choose which new PEG you want. Simply get rid of all the PEGS from the game board. All you have to do is maneuver your PUSHER around the game board and shove the PEGS into one another. If you try to push a SQUARE PEG onto a ROUND one, you lose. Make sure your PUSHER steers clear of all the PITS on the game board, but you can dispose of PEGS into the PITS. If you push a SQUARE PEG into a pit the pit will fill up.

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