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Another one in a long, long line of unofficial Pac-Man clones, this particular take on the well-known formula stays true to the basic premise of wandering around a maze, consuming all the dots and avoiding deadly ghosts (referred to as "goblins" in the source code). As in the original game, a bonus item may occasionally appear, which boosts your score if eaten, and power pills in four corners of the maze give you the temporary ability to devour your pesky pursuers, for increasing point awards. This version is somewhat simplified: there's only a single fruit item, the cherry (although its value does increase from level to level). There are three ghosts instead of four, all with the same "personality" (or lack thereof, since they mostly travel at random); their speed is constant throughout the game; and they don't blink before the power pill wears off, which can result in nasty surprises. To top it off, for being such an avid muncher, the player's character curiously has no mouth. The BASIC source code is included alongside the compiled game.

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