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Everyday is a freeware text adventure from the UK. The game starts as Andrea wakes up in her nice, tidy house. Wouldn't it be nice if, just for once, something exciting happened? Then the phone rings and the caller is cut off by a "THUNK" at their end, this is followed by finding there is a frog locked in the downstairs cupboard. Are the two connected? Who knows? This game was developed to showcase the author's 'C Adventure Toolkit'. It does not come with a solution not is there much of a plot summary other the following text."Everyday changes in subtle ways between games, so a proven solution CANNOT be written with ease. I have tried to make the game amusing with the dozen characters who run around the land, and indeed provide links for several puzzles which you will have to solve. You are about to enter the friendly town of Larbiton, but things are not currently as friendly as they might be. Forewarning : A strong factor in this game is time (or lack of)"

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