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Intergalactic Bar Mans Pub Crawl is a single player, shareware, adventure game. The player takes the role of a bar man on an intergalactic cruiser. One morning they awake to find the ship deserted and the object of the game is to try to escape from the ship alive. To do this they explore the ship using the traditional N, S, W, and E keys for North South etc as well as talking to the ship's computer. The game area consists of two sections. The lower part describes the current location and is where the player enters their commands. The upper part shows the inventory, a map of the space cruiser which is drawn automatically as the player progresses through the game, and a small diagram representing the current room. As is customary in games of this type death is never very far away whether it's being sucked out into space, getting locked in a fridge, or a freak screwdriver accident. The game is entirely keyboard controlled and uses character graphics.

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