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In the game you have to exit the maze filled with mythological characters of 5 different philosophies (Japanese/Chinese, Tribal, Egyptian, Indian, European) with the Orb of Time. To acquire it you have to take some item in one room and to bring it to another room to get next one, and so on to the Orb of Time. In each room of the maze you must solve the puzzle, where the main gameplay flows. You have to put the tiles in the place to fill the entire figures of different sorts. Seven types of tiles are convex combinations of the right-angled triangles. The tiles are moved to you on the belt of conveyor. To successfully finish the level you may dump the unnecessary tiles (up to 50) which do not fit in the places and take the limited space on the conveyor belt. Placing the tiles in all places of specific types will clear the conveyor belt. Time is counting and allows you to make the best time on the level. Completing each puzzle successfully will give you the fixed amount of money and unsuccessfully will take this amount from you. These amounts may show you how difficult the puzzle is and how fast the conveyor belt will move. Logging in the game with certain name you begin your career. There are four modes of gameplay: Basic, Master, Random, and Adventure. In Adventure Mode you have 3 lives at start and may gain another ones by scoring 500 points while in other modes you have infinite number of lives. Different difficulty levels allows you to score standard, more (+25%), or less (-25%) amount of points. Highscores are also showing the best of the best.

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