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Another game about crates! Building blocks of sorts, they both obstruct the player's path in initial level layouts and yet are required to re-assemble into staircase configurations in order to reach the exits of 15 shareware levels (60 in the registered version). While the crates don't necessarily have set destinations, there is a limited number of valid positions for them to occupy and leave the level still solvable, making this in some thematic senses a platformer variant of Soko-Ban. But protagonist Demolisher Dirk, no doubt rockin' out to Bachman-Turner Overdrive in his Walkman, needs to do more than schlep a bunch of boxes around an empty room; there are hazards to be avoided (electricity arcs, eek!), switches to flip (altering level lay-outs) and a plethora of power-ups allowing him to jump higher and bash or blast through certain kinds of pesky wall.

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