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Up to six players may compete in this bizarre, futuristic game show presented on the screen of a TV set (wooden finish and all). Each turn starts with a spin of the wheel: win the bet, and you score - lose, and you participate in a contest of your choice... to the death. The contests are at least slightly deranged, if not downright mad: first there's Mad Space, which challenges you to a lightsaber duel on a floating space rock. Next up is the Mad Machine, where you chase a tiny robot around a room full of mechanical traps, and try to whack it on the head with a metal shield. Mad Tunnel is a frisbee-style game - like Discs of Tron, if it were played with sawblades and rockets over a pool of mutated alligators. Finally, Mad Virus tosses you back and forth on a conveyor belt (through cages of hungry mutants) while you try to destroy the gigantic brain that controls it.

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