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Win, Lose or Draw Junior is the children's version for ages 8 - 15 of the popular game show. The game requires artistic skills and an ability to think laterally. A player on a team draws something on the big game board, and their other team member must work out what it represents. They will be common expressions depicted literally, such as 'bright idea' showing a light bulb over somebody's head, or 'cabin fever' as a rickety building next to a man with a thermometer in his mouth. In this computerized implementation, the game is played as 3 teams, with one team drawing, while the other two teams try to correctly guess the answer. Categories are people, places, and things. If one of the two teams correctly guess the answer, the drawing and the correct guessing team both receive a point. The goal is to receive 3 points in all three categories, and that team is victorious. The drawing phase of the game is handled by the computer, so the player's task is simply to guess the meaning of the picture by thinking laterally. Each round allows 60 seconds to guess the answer, and if a player guesses incorrectly, they can not guess again until the other team has made an attempt.

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