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The very first game by Villa Crespo Software, founded by Dan Sejzer in Highland Park, IL. 'Real Poker' bears the name of professional gambler 'Amarillo Slim' (Thomas Preston), better known by his 'appearance' in later products of the same company, Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice and Amarillo Slim's 7 Card Stud. As could be seen from the title, Amarillo Slim’s Real Poker – Five Card Stud presents but one variety of poker, 5 card stud. There is no graphics, as everything including the cards is pictured by text symbols, but the game features friendly interface, extensive help system and such options as 'tutor' and 'odds' aimed at assisting the novice players. Only one of four participants could be human, but there is a possibility to disable one or two extra computer opponents.

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