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It's been five years since the Ghostbusters roasted the 30 story marshmallow menacing downtown Manhattan. The Ghostbusters sent a huge bill to the city and the city sent back an even bigger bill for damages. Both declared bankruptcy and the now retired Ghostbusters have since moved on. Unknown to the former Ghostbusters, a river of slime has been amassing underneath the city, feeding on all the negative energy of the denizens of New York. Meanwhile a new occupant of the Museum of Art, a 300 year old painting of Vigo the Carpathian and its immortal soul, has arrived and is waiting to get out, eager to use the approaching slime as its medium of escape. The game starts with the Ghostbusters in trial, with escaped ghosts wrecking havoc in the courtroom. A battle ensues and the player must attempt to vaporize the flying ghost in a sidescrolling environment while dodging ectoplasm thrown by the ghost. Victory or defeat in this battle as well as future battles with ghosts, will be summarized by a newspaper editorial at the end of the battle. After the courtroom battle, the main game starts in the office of the Ghostbusters. Here the player choose various activities, such as: attempt to gain money by answering distress calls to hunt down ghosts, collect slime from the sewers, test slime (if successfully collected from the sewers), and check the duty rooster.

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