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Time After Time is a single-player, shareware shooter. The story behind the game is that Doctor Vladimir Von Technoface is making a bid for world domination. He is a renowned genetic physicist who has discovered the secret of time travel. Using this technology he is visiting Nazi Germany (1945) to take samples of Hitler's brain, Medieval Europe (565) to find the Breath of the Dragon, the Jurassic Period (145,000,000 B.C.) to sample the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the future (3500). Once he has his samples he will create a mighty army and take over the world. The game is keyboard or joystick controlled. In it the player takes the role of Adam - A New Age Warrior who must shoot or bludgeon his enemies out of existence as he makes his way through the levels and across time. The game has sound, a high score table, two levels of difficulty and one unique feature, when an order was placed the purchaser could send in a photograph of themselves and it would be their face that appeared on the game's main character.

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