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The Starship has depleted all its energy near the orbit of the planet. A decision is made as a last resort to use the remaining bit of energy to teleport 6 members of the crew to the planet surface. As the Captain of the ship you are in charge of the mission, with your handpicked crew of 5 crew members, to explore the surface of the planet to locate the mines. At the mines you will get a chance to purchase Energy Crystals for the price of 100 interstellar credits. But the path to the mines is littered with monsters and natural perils. You can choose to Shoot, Melee, Negotiate or Flee from these obstacles where your decisions will mean life or death for the Landing Party. Landing Party is essentially a text-based strategy game wherein the game experience is customized by the player. This is done by first inputting names of historical figures, celebrities or even friends of family and then starting up the adventure. Because of this feature the game is different every time it is played. The player is limited to four actions every turn, and has to manipulate the crew safely through the hazards.

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