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Quantoids of Nebulus IV is a space shooter that sends you on the hunt for loathsome, space-faring business school graduates. The repellent MBAs have ruined the Earth's economies with their myopic quantitative concepts, and now they're rampaging through the galaxy spreading the plague to other planets! To save known space from the destructive practices of these foul Quantoids, you set off into the void with your twin cannons to pursue and exterminate. Representing the antithesis of business-school logic, your shipboard computer is (of course) guided by intuition and can be commanded to automatically seek out enemy vessels. As you close in for the kill, you can adjust your cruising speed to better home in on the hostile ships. These are crewed by graduates from different schools, in order of prestige (or obnoxiousness), so that your cash prizes keep growing... but each missed shot deducts 2% off your profits (represented by a Net Present Value). All of this is true for the shareware release; the game assures us that tailor-made versions can be ordered, with the text altered as you see fit, so that other groups can become the collective targets of your ire.

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