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Another ultra-violent product by InFluid Software, Haunted Childhood is a set of four games for two players, each one a horror-themed puzzle game. Crypt Tac Toe is reminiscent of Tic Tac Toe. You have a 3x3 board with field. Each player puts his symbol on wanted field in his turn. 3 symbols in a row bring victory. They can be set horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Guess Where???: each player has 4 tries to guess the random door number. Whoever guesses first, wins the game. The Last Limb: first you choose your victim's weight. (for example 20). Then each player takes maximum 3 parts from victim's body. Now, whoever takes all the last pieces (max 3) wins. Russian Roulette: each player sets the bullet for his opponent. Then, the opponent must stop the chamber spin. If it hits the bullet's place, that player loses the game. The game was originally shareware but has since been released as freeware.

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