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Boovie is a remake of the 1994 ZX Spectrum game with the same name. It was released in the same year as the Spectrum sequel Boovie 2. The game consists of a series of single-screen platform levels where a sequence of actions needs to be completed to progress. This involves shooting and avoiding enemies, destroying blocks and moving blocks around. To complete a level a specific brick needs to be transported to the tile marked with an arrow. Boovie is the main character and he can move around freely. Rather than pure platforming with jumping, he can move over any square on the game screen as long as it is not obstructed, as if he were floating in the air. The plot has Boovie rescue his wife Lili who has been kidnapped. The couple lived happily on the outskirts of a town until a wealthy person decides to build a large mansion next to their house. When bricks disappears from the construction site, the foreman kidnaps Lili and demands the bricks as ransom.

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