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A collection of DOS executables for batch file use, screen and menu utility enhancements.
Also included are test programs for the mouse, keyboard and joystick.


  • A1.COM - Multi-purpose utility (for use in batch files).
  • ANSICHK.COM - Check if ANSI is loaded, exit with appropriate errorlevel.
  • ASCII.COM - ASCII codes in hex and decimal on screen.
  • BLANK.COM - Screen clearing effect.
  • BLANKS.COM - Screen clearing effect with scrolling message.
  • BOX.COM - Put a rectangular/square box on screen with or without shadow.
  • BUTTON.COM - Displays a button (with text if required) on screen.
  • CLEAR.COM - Screen clearing effects (including wipes and random block effect).
  • CLRLINE.COM - Clear one or more lines of the screen.
  • COORD.COM - Puts coordinate markers around edge of screen.
  • DELAY.COM - Set a delay in batch files.
  • DOSVER.COM - Check or compare DOS version.
  • DRIVECHK.COM - Detect if floppy drive is ready or not.
  • FILL.COM - Fill part or all of screen with a particular character.
  • HL.COM - HighLighted menu control (two modes).
  • JOYCHECK.COM - Joystick or paddle checking program.
  • KEYCHECK.COM - Keyboard checking, active ASCII and SCAN code display, also sets numlock, caps lock etc. and will monitor ALT keys.
  • KEYSPEED.COM - Control the keyboard repeat rate and delay.
  • MC.COM - Mouse Control using ‘click’ sensitive areas of the screen (a masterpiece for DOS menu control).
  • MODE3.COM - Switch back to standard color video mode when required.
  • MODE7.COM - Switch back to standard mono video mode when required.
  • MOUSETST.COM - Mouse testing program with horiz. and vert. motion tests and TRAK TEST.
  • MPAUSE.COM - Mouse activated PAUSE command.
  • PICKESC.COM - A menu CHOICE type program with extras.
  • PLAY.COM - Make sounds, play tunes, real time music from the keyboard.
  • READSCR.COM - Read a screen character and return an errorlevel.
  • TIMEMARK.COM - Time/Date stamp to screen or redirected to file/printer in many different formats.
  • WAITFOR.COM - Halt all operations until a specified time/day.
  • WIPELEFT.COM - Screen clearing effect.
  • WIPERITE.COM - Screen clearing effect.
  • EL.BAT - Show errorlevel from an executable program, COM or.EXE.
  • MANUAL.EXE - Electronic version of the handbook.

by Eric Rodda-Software



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