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Ryder Cup: Johnnie Walker is a golf game based on the Ryder Cup tournament of 1993 which was played on the Belfry course. When on the field, the player has various icons available which are used to display or hide information, e.g. about the current hole and wind. The game offers two different control methods for the shot: two-click (choosing the loft from a menu and then clicking twice with the correct timing to select the power and drift) and the stroke method (after selecting the power, a miniature ball appears and the player has to click on it. The position of the click sets where the club hits the ball and therefore the drift). The latter is also available in a variant in which the ball randomly moves to make it harder. The tournament itself is a match between a European and US team with twelve athletes each. There is also the possibility to train the single holes instead of participating in the tournament.

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