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'Hooray for Henrietta' is one of a series of educational titles from Scetlander, originally created by T.R. Tulloch and dedicated to teaching math in a fun way to children aged 5 to 12. A girl named Henrietta is our protagonist: she is going to get married to her boyfriend guy with a suspicious name Hopeless Harry, but that mischievous bird, John the Parrot, has stolen Henry's coat, boots, hat and trousers, and even kidnapped the groom himself. In order to save the wedding, we have to help Henrietta to recover the four pieces of clothes and free Henry. We are doing that by solving math equations (the options provide a huge variety of complexity levels, as well of the possibility to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - or all of them) as quickly as possible - or the evil parrot will cover Henry in cold custard! The game was later republished with 256 colors and sound, and then on CD-ROM.

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