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This medievally-themed platformer offers precious little in terms of a plot, but the premise is straightforward enough: a well-meaning (but apparently silly) knight finds himself lost in the bowels of a labyrinthine castle. From there he must find his way to the throne room, where he seeks to park his gallant posterior. Equipped only with a sword, the armored adventurer will encounter plenty of opposition along the way: bats, skeletons and evil red knights can be dispatched with a good beating; hurtling fireballs and other nasty traps have to be negotiated with careful acrobatics. These hazards will all sap the player's health. There are no lives - progress can be saved by lighting fires at specific locations, which serve as respawn points in case of premature expiration. Along the way, the chivalrous protagonist can pick up helpful items ranging from keys and health bonuses to specialized power-ups. Silly Knight borrows code from Paku Paku which enables low-resolution graphics in 16 colors, even on a plain old CGA card.

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