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Bardarts is a one or two player, shareware darts game that is based on the classic pub game of 301. In this game the player must finish on a double and the game uses the darts standard 'bust' rule, i.e. if a player's score goes below zero then all scoring darts in that turn are discarded and their score is reset. To play this game the player uses the arrow keys to position the cursor over the sector they wish to hit, the default start position is always the bulls-eye. In the lower right corner is a circular dial. The player presses the ENTER key to start the pointer on this dial moving and they must press the ENTER key twice more to stop the dial at the twelve o'clock and six o'clock positions to set the accuracy of the shot. When the game is over the player(s) are treated to a burst of music before starting again. There is no high score table, no league table, and no save game feature.

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