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AntiC is a single player, shareware, puzzle game describing itself as "a cross between Othello and Life". The name is derived from 'Anti Chaos' which refers to the nature of the game, where the purpose is to make squares of different colours all of the same colour. The player is presented with a grid in which each square is linked to adjacent squares by directional arrows and may be red, blue, or green. Clicking on a square causes it to change colour. The square sends its colour to its neighbours which in turn causes the game to recalculate the colour of all the cells in the grid according to specific rules. The object of the game is to convert the grid to a single colour, does not matter which, in as few moves as possible. The shareware version of the game has six different grid formations each with thirty-five possible starting formations; an unspecified number of additional puzzles/grids is available on registration. There is a 'Hall of Fame' which lists the player's best solutions for each of the thirty-five levels.

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