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Daily Double Horse Racing is a gambling game for 1-4 players, where each player bets virtual money on horses, both for simple win/place/show for bets on one horse, and for two-horse bets - exacta/parlay/quinella/daily double. Players enter their bets at a bookmakers desk, with some information based from the racing tables and the manual, and when all players are done you watch the races from the side of the course. Each player starts off with an equal amount of $100-$500 chosen at the start. It's possible to gamble in up to ten races every 'day' with six horses and twelve jockeys in each race, taken from a selection of 180 horses, all described in detail in a racing newspaper that comes with the game. The horse performances/statistics are not updated after each race, only the printed paper is used to calculate odds for the coming races. The track length and which horses participates in each race is randomly selected, while the track condition is player selectable from dry/muddy/turf.

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