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High Roller Casino is a text-based casino game consisting of a Slot Machine, a Wheel of Fortune, a Roulette Wheel, a Keno Parlor, a Craps Table, and a Baccarat Table. The Slot Machine Game/Computer Bandit [One Armed] is a one player game. The Wheel of Fortune allows for up to 10 players. The Roulette Wheel has 12 seats, allowing for up to 12 players. The Keno Parlor has 15 cards, allowing for one player to play 15 cards, or up to 15 players with one card each (or anywhere in between). The Craps Table allows for up to 8 players. The Baccarat Table allows for up to 12 players to bet on either the dealer's hand or the player's hand. Each game allows you to save your game and the Accounting Department allows you to track the house profits and losses for each game in both dollar figures and percentages, the number of games played for each game, the total amount in dollars bet for each game, the total amount in dollars paid out by the house for each game.

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