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Towers is a timed puzzle game, where the object is to build as high a tower as possible, by filling out levels with bricks. There is limited time to build each level of the tower, and what you manage to build will be the base for the next level. There are a few different shaped bases to begin with, rectangular, diamond, of hollow bases. The bricks come in odd shapes, like Tetris -shaped blocks lying down, and they are queued up so you have to place one before seeing the next shape. If a brick won't fit, you can discard it with a time penalty, and hopefully get a better brick-shape next. Ideally you should fill the entire floor to make a flat base for the next level. When the time runs out for the level, it is 'trimmed' and scored, and the next level begins, until the area is too small to continue. Each new level has increasing demands on time, and the minimum sized group of bricks required to continue upwards. After the game ends, either by you selecting to quit, or by the 'minimum group' demands exceeding the available floorspace, the tower is scored, you can end up in the hall of fame, if you managed to build higher than previous players. You can also admire the tower you built from eight different directions and from different distances, but this is not saved for posterity.

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