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A biblical game based on the chronicles of David, and his rise from lowly shepherd boy to the throne of the Kingdom of Israel. The storyline is divided into chapters, covering different episodes of the future monarch's life: rescuing sheep from marauding beasts, fighting a duel with the Philistine champion Goliath, escaping a plot on his life by King Saul, proving his good intentions to the King, daringly sneaking into the camp and taking refuge in the hills, and finally saving his family from Amalekite captivity. These levels must be completed in order, and each one is staged as an action sequence with its own challenges to overcome; if David "loses all heart" (that is, his health - represented by heart icons), he fails the mission and must start over. To avoid coming off as mere fun and entertainment, each level is followed by a quiz, where multiple-choice questions test the player's biblical knowledge for bonus points.

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