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This educational game teaches children about mammals and about logic and language skills by utilizing 5 decoder alphabets: English, American Sign Language, Braille, Morse Code, and Semaphore. You play as a C.Y.P.H.E.R. (Courageous Young Partners in Hush-Hush Electronic Radiotelegraphy) who must locate and decode CYPHERGRAMS and then deliver them to your client. Since you are an agent for Operation Wildlife the secret messages will involve a variety of clues about mammals. Agents must beware of L.U.R.K.'s (Loathsome Underhanded Rotten Krooks) who will try to steal the CYPHERGRAMS. Players will learn about 87 mammals and their habitats and will also be able to access the built in FunCyclopedia, which contains over 1,000 facts about mammals. In addition, basic cryptography is taught with the 5 decoder alphabets. Players can select from 4 levels of difficulty.

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