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The Multi-dimensional Thief is a single-player, keyboard controlled, interactive fiction game. It was developed with the aid of The Adventure Game Toolkit and it has no graphics. The story is that you play a thief. A good thief but not one who has attained membership of the Multi-Dimensional Thieves Guild, at least not yet. One day a stranger approached you and offered you membership of the aforementioned august body but you had to pass a test. Joy of joys! This is what you have dreamed of throughout your professional career! Naturally you accept. The test is that you are to be paced in a special set of rooms that don't actually exist in the same place, they have been 'borrowed'' from other universes and glued together with magic. All you have to do is find your way out. The purpose of the test is, apparently, not to test your talents as a thief as these are known and if you were no good they would not made this offer, no it is to test other qualities such as your ability to deal with changing environments. So the game begins. Playing it will take the player to heaven, hell, the land of Oz (appropriate since the developer is Australian), temples, English forests and more besides. The 1991 version of the game features one hundred locations and has a high score of fifty points though it is possible to complete the game without visiting every location and/or scoring maximum points.

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