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Bumble Games is an educational game designed to teach graphing skills to children age 4-10. The creature Bumble will guide you through six different games that are available: Find Your Number : Bumble will think of a secret number between 1 and 5. You need to guess it! After each incorrect guess, a clue will appear on the screen indicating whether your guess was too high or too low. Find the Bumble : Bumble is hiding somewhere in a 4x4 grid, and you need to find him! By entering in coordinates, you can guess a grid location to see if he's there. If not, a clue will be displayed indicating in what direction he is hiding. Butterfly Hunt : Bumble's butterfly is lost, and you need to help find it! To search, you once again need to enter in grid coordinates, this time in a 5x5 grid. If your guess is unsuccessful, a clue will be displayed indicating in what direction the butterfly is hiding. Visit From Space : Bumble's cousin is visiting from space! You need to find out where he is by searching a 5x5 grid. You can examine a part of the grid by entering in its coordinates; if your guess is incorrect, a clue will be displayed in what direction Bumble's cousin is hiding. Tic Tac Toc : This is a variation of tic tac toe and is for two players only. Given a 5x5 grid, each player takes turns placing X's and O's on the grid. Four X's or four O's in a row (in any direction) will win the game. Bumble Dots : This is a drawing game. Given an 11x11 grid, you can select different coordinates on the grid and draw lines between them. Several pictures are included with the game which provide clues as to where you should draw lines, or you can create your own pictures from scratch. You can optionally have the game color in your picture when its done.

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