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It is the not-so-distant future, after the Great Apocalypse. Only the strongest and smartest have survived. It has been several months since The Day Time Stopped, several months since The Bomb, several months since you've seen the sun or felt its warmth. You can't last too much longer on the supplies left in your shelter. Soon you must leave your sanctuary. You have no idea what waits outside, other than the radiation. Scientists predicted aberrant weather, continuing natural disasters, overgrown vegetation, barren wastelands, and The Hordes: nomadic survivors devastated by radiation and its sickness. All this - and more - awaits you outside. Visions of Aftermath: The Boomtown is a post-apocalyptic survival simulation game with role-playing elements. In the beginning the player is offered to create a world from scratch or use a pre-made one. When creating a world the player can customize the number of characters in it, its setting (jungle, semi-urban, etc.), as well as type of gameplay, ranging from simple survival to a more tense experience with enemies such as scavengers and other creatures. The player can also choose various effects such as global warming or rain-creating swamps, which affect the game's difficulty. The player character starts in the shelter, where he receives initial supplies such as food, fuel, healing items, arrows, etc. The protagonist has life, exhaustion, and radiation levels. Some of these are depleted in real time, and the player is required to monitor the protagonist's well-being most of the times. Eventually the player comes across a book that teaches the hero how to build roads and shelters, create new items, and other vital information. The protagonist can also hunt and obtain food by cultivating fields.

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