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Championship Blackjack is a conversion of the ubiquitous casino game, challenging up to six human players to rack up money by beating the dealer's hand. You can fine-tune the precise variant of Blackjack you wish to play: the game comes with five predefined rule sets, and each rule can be further tweaked individually. One of the two game modes is "Fun Blackjack" - initial bankrolls are set by the players, and any number of hands may be played. The built-in hint system can provide advice according to two different strategies (basic or point-count). The other mode is Tournament: all players start with $500, the number of hands is set in advance, and hints are disabled. The current game's progress can always be reviewed by calling up the Statistics screen. For those who just like to watch, a Simulation mode is also available, which pits a crew of computer players against the house.

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