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"Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia Deportiva" is a control-innovative game grouping the most popular events of the Gymnastic discipline in the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92. There are four options available in the main menu: choosing number of players (from 1 to 4), selecting team (there are 6 countries available, but your rivals can be from almost everywhere), training, and finally, the Olympic Games. The way to control our sportsmen is very different from the one of other games of similar characteristics. The basic idea in "Olimpiadas 92" is to make your personage chain several sequences of animations, which would get realized as you click with your mouse in the icon connected with each movement. The score of your performances would depend on the accuracy of your "clicking", meaning that there's an exact moment in which you must realize each action, which is also indicated by the program. Available events are: Men's and women's vault, high bar, masculine bar, still rings, uneven bars, parallel bars and women's floor.

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