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An Adventure: Double Feature is a series of two adventure-themed choose your own adventure graphical text adventure. In Adventures in the Microzone, the player is somehow shrunk to 2 inches in size when they use their computer in the early morning. The player must explore either their own or their grandfather's room in search of the computer manual to return themselves to size. Along the way, they player might have to explore a maze of straws, avoid the dangers of caffeine, and try not to get lost in their messy closet. In Northwoods Adventure, the player is off camping with their family, when they wake up early and decide to go exploring. The player can either go for a hike in the woods or go on a canoe trip down down the river. Text descriptions show the journey, and the player is presented with options to travel in different directions, and how to explore the woods. The player can bring with them a walking stick, binoculars, or a compass and map. Players can end up lost in a swamp, twisting their ankle and getting rescued, breaking their canoe on some rapids, and many other outcomes.

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