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1,000,000 square miles of open sea, your nuclear powered frigate and a fleet of Russian ships circling you. This is the set-up of Frigate a strategy battle game taking place near the end of the Cold War. Your mission is straight-forward. Destroy as many enemy ships as you can and try not to die. Points will be awarded for your evasive skills as your enemies are very well armed and for your hunting skills. Luckily your weapons are far stronger but there's strength in numbers. At your disposal are the following tools; radar, sonar, anti-missile weapons, radio jammers, and of course your ordnance. Your view screen shows two main windows with one devoted to our ship's status and one command menu where you give orders and receive notes about what is happening around you. Information is constantly being updated as to your ships defenses and weapons as well as the position of enemies and their missiles. The game-play is turn based and you can try and enter as many commands as you like in the given time period. As with many simulation games there are repercussions to damages you will receive from malfunctioning radars to weapon arrays. Graphics are largely non-existent and almost everything except for the title screen are text based so making your own written charts may aid you in successfully completing your mission.

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