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Super Cop is a Korean-made platform shooter similar to early Duke Nukem platformers. The player controls a boy who has miraculously turned into a super-cop and must traverse hostile areas to defeat monsters and evil mechanical creatures. The game's visual style is fairly colorful, and many of the enemies are anthropomorphic animals. The player must complete eight platforming stages. A fixed amount of key items (such as floppy disks) must be collected in each stage in order to proceed to the next one. A boss enemy normally holds a number of such items and drops them upon defeat. The protagonist can only use one weapon, a gun with unlimited ammunition, but it can be upgraded twice for laser attack and fire bursts. It is possible to shoot horizontally and upwards, but not downwards or diagonally. Security camera and supply crates can be destroyed; the latter usually contain score-increasing or health-restoring items.

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