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Airline Simulator is a direct descendant of subLOGIC's Airline Transport Pilot, as it's based on the same 'engine'. The avionics in Airline Simulator have been improved and feature a flight management computer, primary flight information screen, electronic flight information system and an engines & fuel panel all of which are known by acronyms FMC, PFI, EFIS & EICAS. The simulator expects the player to be familiar with all aspects of flying a passenger aircraft from radio navigation to fuel burn calculations and load-out sheets, both of which - and more - must be completed before take-off. In flight Airline Simulator monitors the pilots performance in detail allowing their ability to be rated, changes weather conditions in-flight adjusting, for example, in-flight turbulence as the player ascends/descends through cloud levels, and simulates various equipment failures. There is just one aircraft supplied with Airline Simulator, the Boeing 747-400. This is not a limitation as it would be in some simulations as the objective in this simulation is to give the player the prepare, plan and fly trans-Atlantic routes. Airline Simulator comes with over ninety routes, which in-game are called careers, and which all feature air traffic control voice transmissions. In addition the package includes shareware utilities to create and modify scenery, airports, flights, routes, navigation aids, ATC voices etc which can be used to extend the simulator world wide. Airline Simulator uses subLOGIC's scenery files which cover mainly Europe and few North American destinations, one of which is New York. (subLOGIC's USA East/West scenery was NOT included). The simulator supports the 3DAGS 3D software which allows the player to fly with 3D glasses.

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