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Satirical video games are generally more effective if they look and play anything remotely like their inspiration ( Untima a better example in this case), but that hasn't kept a couple of teens from throwing together a side-scrolling homage to the wispy plots, repetitive gameplay and spotty use of Olde Tyme Englishe diction strewn throughout the Ultima series (also initially, it should be noted, the handiwork of a couple of teens.) You play a wizard, advancing step-by-step ever to the right side of the screen across the harsh wilderness landscape of what amounts to a Grade 2 student's first attempt at using MS Paint. Enormous, static, intentionally-crudely-rendered monsters block your path, but they are easily dispatched by close use of the " A" key, to attack. Various statistics are kept track of, incrementing and decrementing as you move, fight and kill, replenished by giant magical potions dotting the landscape. At the end of each level is a huge golden amulet -- alas, decoys all of them. Every subsequent level plays identically to the prior, save that the monsters require an additional hit to do away with.

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