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Paku Paku is a Pac-Man conversion written to run on hardware three decades older than itself. Starting out as a Retrochallenge 2011 Winter Warmup entry to demonstrate 16-color graphics programming using the CGA's unofficial low-resolution mode, it grew into a full game with support for all major graphics and sound hardware of the early PC era, fully playable even on the very first IBM PC and compatible machines. The game mechanics, logic, sprites, animations, and the ghosts' behavior and "personalities" are all adapted to work within the confines of the lower resolution game grid, trying to stay as faithful as possible to the original arcade version. The familiar premise is fully intact: clear the maze of dots while avoiding the four ghosts, use the power pills to hunt them down, and grab the fruit bonuses when you can. The game was released for free as "Cardware", and the Turbo Pascal / assembly sources are included and placed in the public domain.

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