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John Chenault's Snake! is one of the first Nibbles clones for the IBM PC. But this ASCII graphics Snake game has something more to offer. Instead of 1 it has 3 gameplay modes: single player, two-player, and versus-computer. In this game you control a snake who has to eat random popping up food to grow bigger while avoiding to run into your own growing body or running into a wall. The highscore is based on how long you manage to survive + how long your snake body has grown. At a certain length you will get bonus points plus special items will appear randomly which you need to pick up. The special items are: -Chomps: allows you to cross through your body -Yen sign: shrink the snake but increases the snake's moving speed for a little while In two-player mode (human versus human) you can get extra points plus it will shrink your snake ones you manage to let your opponent to run into your snake body. You will win a round when your opponent run into his own snake body or when your opponent run into a wall. In versus-computer mode you have to avoid 4 small snakes. Your opponent dies when he bites you or another opponent or run into a wall.

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