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3DWorld consists of two games in one package, an early attempt at creating a 3D environment. The games are an asteroid shooter called Voyageur IV and a table-tennis game 3D Ping Pong. Both are launched from a common menu, together with a setup screen and an introduction to the 3D view system TunnelVISION. In the asteroid shooter, you are flying an armed spaceship tasked with protecting the Earth from incoming asteroids. On the first level there are ten asteroids, and you have three spaceships at your disposal. In order to hit, you must aim and fire the ships gun through a crosshair displayed in space in front of the asteroid path. If you fail, either the spaceship breaks up in the collision, or Earth is destroyed. If you succeed, the next mission takes you through hyperspace toward the source of the asteroids, but you must dodge an asteroid-belt on the way. As you pass the asteroid belt, your hyperdrive breaks, and now you must find and pickup spare-parts among the asteroids. (who dropped them there?) In the table-tennis game, you play a match against the computer, it ends when you have a difference in score of 5, 10 or 15 points (dependent on settings), with the table in a closed box, so the ball can bounce off the sides as well.

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