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That bastion of good taste, the Hooy-Program team, lives up to its name by serving up an action platformer that's positively obsessed with disembodied penises. However, while games like Astrotit may have set a precedent for tackling such an archetypal subject, here the male genitals do not assume the protagonist role; rather, they serve as collectibles - and enemies! HHNR takes you through a series of surrealistic, side-scrolling stages with ZX Spectrum-inspired graphics, where the objective is to pick up all collectible items. These range from the aforementioned sexual appendages to Spectrum computers, boxes marked "LSD", and other such goodies. Other objects are damaging, while some restore health: the only way to tell them apart is through trial and error. To complicate matters, certain enemies will home in and pester you until they're shot at, including the flying syringe and (you guessed it) more penises.

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