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This computer coloring book is another part in the Electric Crayon series and it has about 30 pictures featuring Latin letters. Each picture includes the letter in upper-case and lower-case, and items which begins from this letter or include it within (for example, on " Aa" picture A pples lie on the ground, A irplain flies, certain person moves out the g a rb a ge c a n with the c a p on his he a d, etc.) with famous characters from Sesame Street to color. Pictures could be colored from a palette of 16 colors. A mix button would "mix" the current color with the 15 other colors and give a total of 256 colors. Choosing a color and clicking in the picture do a color fill in the area clicked. The finished, or in progress, coloring was automatically saved to disk. Player may also remove all colors applied previously to start coloring from the very beginning. Pictures could be printed with or without a monthly calendar, description, or message.

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